Project 2017

SyrienHilfe e.V. is a German non-profit organization providing humanitarian aid to people in Syria and Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Turkey. The  organization was founded in 2012 by a group of doctors, engineers, archaeologists, and artists. Most of its members have traveled or worked in
Syria in the past and thus developed a close personal relationship with this wonderful country and its people.

The main focus of our work is in Syria, where we supply families in need with living space, care packages, clothing, medical treatment, and other necessities of daily life. We also support about Students or (orphaned) children, with a special focus on education. Finally, a local chicken and
vegetable farm, which supplies the neighboring communities with badly-needed fresh produce, was established with our help.

Our projects outside of Syria aim to provide refugees, particularly women, with opportunities for job training, to earn an income for their families, and further their education. For many of the participants, these projects also constitute a platform to socialize and form networks.

In all our projects, we not only provide the people we reach with daily necessities, but we strife to empower them and help them to initiate self-help projects. As a small organization determined to help the Syrian people as long as necessary, we are highly dependent on private donors, and would therefore like to thank all of you for your dedication and kind support.

Banking Details for your donation with reference "WORLD YOGA DAY 2017":
SyrienHilfe e.V.
IBAN: DE80 665 623 0000 1212 2012
VR-Bank in Mittelbaden eG
Spendenquittung: Email an oder kontakt@syrienhilfe mit vollständiger Nennung des Namens, der Postanschrift und des Spendenbetrages.